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January 19, 2009

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January 17, 2009

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January 16, 2009

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May 2, 2008

Back from the dead

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My recent work with Groovy & Grails has reignited my passion to blog…

Watch out for a new Grails version of Polymercode.com - hopefully launched before I land at JavaOne…

October 14, 2005

AJAX MySQL designer

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Found this excellent application of AJAX. It’s an AJAX MySQL Designer application. It has intuitive design tools; comprehensive types and allows import/export of your designs for MySQL as well as XML generation and SQL generation.

well done.

September 6, 2005

Web 2.o Definition and Reference Guide

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Web2.0 is the common name for the ‘next generation’ of web-based products, services and businesses that leverage the platform independence and ubiquity of the Internet. Some would put more restriction on the definition referring to browser plug-ins like Macromedia Flash or specific web technologies like Ajax, but Web 2.0 is a concept that is independent of the technology it is built upon the same way that e-commerce is not a Java, PHP or Ruby dependant product.

If you’re looking for the leading edge of Internet programming, think about Web 2.0 products and services.

ProgrammableWeb.com has (beta) list of Web2.0 applications you can use right now.

Still interested in Web2.0? You’ll want to check out the 2005 Web 2.0 Conference

September 5, 2005

Software Development Cheat Sheets

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Petefreitag.com has a collection of cheat sheets for a variety of technologies. Split into 5 main categories - web, languages, database, version control and other. There are over 30 cheatsheets on languages like Java, JSP, Perl and Ruby. Web technologies like XHTML, CSS and JavaScript each have cheatsheets as well. The other category has cheatsheets for Linix, Vi, Google, mod_rewrite, htaccess, and windows commands among others.

Check them all out at https://www.petefreitag.com/item/455.cfm

link - O’Reilly Radar

August 29, 2005

How much to charge for software?

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If your business is based on software development or support, as either a producer a vendor or a 3rd party integrator, you need to know how to price your product.

O’Reilly OnLamp has some pointers for you on how to Calculate the True Price of Software.

August 26, 2005

Blogs are becoming mainstream - RSS isn’t

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You know they’re mainstream when Donald Trump has blog a in the top links list at bloglines.com
polymercode rss 2.0 feed - get the latest RSS, blog, Flash and RIA Rich Internet Application news from polymercode.com
RSS on the other hand - while available with almost all blog software, is not mainstream even within the blogging community. A study by the Neilson Group shows that out of 1000 members of their research panel who are blog readers; 66% of the blog readers have never heard of RSS, and only 11% of the blog readers use it.

link - O’Reilly Radar

August 14, 2005

YouTube - A Video version of Flickr

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Like Flickr.com, you can create a free profile and upload media. In this case it’s short video clips instead of images. Like flickr, they use flash to display the media, making it more difficult to copy off of their site. They also include features like links, and RSS feeds.

Simple, straight forward Flash movie player interface is a major plus.

For example,
office sports
extreme 747 landing

Links like this make me wonder how long they can go without a lawsuit…
Family Guy Season 4, episode 8

August 12, 2005

Details about Macromedia Flash 8 and Studio 8

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macromedia flashA detailed list of new functionality that will ship with Flash 8 including BitMap API, Filter API, Text Rendering, Post Processing and External API.
link - flashmagazine.com

Update your operating system, Flash 8 is not going to support Windows 95, NT or classic Macintosh.

Tons of Macromedia Flash 8 and Studio 8 articles.
link - casario.blogs.com

Download Free Desktop Flash Video Player

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Download a free desktop Flash Video Player.
link - flashguru.co.uk

Integrating Flash Clients with Server Side Applications

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WebOrb - connect your Flash or AJAX clients to your server side applications. Integrates with .Net, Java EJBs and POJOs, ColdFusion, and XML Web Services.

brought to you by- the midnight coders.com

Flash(R) by Example and Flex(TM) by Example will ship with the SYNC Socket Server Framework. SYNC allows you to create a multi-user server with a custom protocol tuned to your application.

August 10, 2005

A better Flash Developer Tool, Deep linking & Search Engines

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Check out Ripple - a Framework designed to help structure your Flash site so that it may be deep linked and indexed by search engines.

Developing in Actionscript? Don’t do it in Flash. Try the MTASC plug-in for Eclipse

Find other Open Source Flash projects at OSFlash.org.

thanks peterjoel.com

August 8, 2005

Flash 8 Released today

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As expected, Macromedia Studio 8 was announced today.

Macromedia employees are already writing about how to make use of its improvements.

August 4, 2005

The Business of Blogging

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A few months ago Kottke.org went pro. Jason quit his job to work on his blog full time. He generated the money he needed with a short PayPal driven donation drive where people could, and did, donate whatever amount they felt comfortable with from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. In typical kottke fashion, he even posted the results of the drive on his blog.

Another blog that I visit regularly, The Jason Calacanis blog talks about the business behind weblogsinc.com. They make over $2,300 a day - just from google ads. That’s just shy of a million dollars a year. With money like that, it’s easy to see how they can afford to pay bloggers to blog. Is that the simplest ways to make money from your blog?

For business advice, FastCompany is another blog I visit. They recently posted a list of Top Business Blogs - I was astonished to find PolymerCode was not one of them ;-)

FastCompany was one of the blogs that made Forbes list of best Small Business Blogs. The most recent Forbes - Best Of The Web series features Blogs That Matter - their list of top blogs which include blogs on a variety of other subjects as well.

The unfortunate thing about these lists is their heavy focus on the US. Being Canadian, not all of their advice is relevant. Where are the top Canadian Business Blogs?

Even if you’re not being paid to blog, there are other ways to make a return on your investment. Heidi Cohen is getting a lot of traffic lately after she wrote an article about measuring the ROI of corporate blogs; A very good article that mentions some of the tangibles and intangibles that blogs bring to a business irrespective of what country you call home.